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About a month ago I have received an E-mail from chemistrylab500x… who asked me if I would be interested in designing some icons and interface accessories for his BlueVision themed mod "BlueOverview". I agreed.

Now he has released it and I think it turned out to be really cool.

It features application shortcuts, a battery display, various additional info on GPU, CPU & RAM, storage info on ODDs, SSDs, RAMDisks & USB drives, a custom media player, a power panel and new time zones.

The skin can be found here
Seems like most of the fakes have been taken down. At least the Rainmeter ones are.

Everything's back to normal I guess.
I've been given reports that some scumbags have been re-uploading popular Rainmeter themes, including mine, and rigging the archives with viruses. Here's the fake…

Apparently I need to complain myself in order to get DA's staff to delete the fake, so that's what I did. I got a reply a couple of hours ago stating that I'd have to file a DMCA takedown notice, just like the post on the Rainmeter blog predicted. I don't see how that can resolve the problem on a long term because if you have to go through all this bureaucracy every time some random idiot makes a DA account in 5 seconds and uploads fakes there's really not much you can do.

To be honest, I don't care if someone uses my work and modifies it, as long as they give me some kind of credit. In fact I encourage it. But just re-uploading it in order to distribute trojans surely is in no one's interest. I don't know why Deviantart has such strict protection-policies for obvious spammers and actually requires a DMCA complaint. I feel like Sony suing some random guy because he dubbed his youtube videos with copyrighted music.

So, anyone got a draft for one of 'dem fancy DMCA takedown notices to get it over with?

Also I've been thinking about just reporting them all for pornography or something because that surely will get some real human staff member to look at it instead of receiving automated messages.
What's up guys?

Been a while since I last updated my journal.

So I logged in today, just seeing how my account was doing, checked recent news and saw that I had over 300 feedback messages. At first I thought it was some kind of bug, but after clicking the button I saw that almost 200 people faved my BlueVision theme and other deviations, 30 commented and 3 major groups asked for permission to add it to their gallery. I was totally baffled and asked myself what the hell could cause such a sudden boost of popularity. After all I got more favorites within 24 hours than I got over the course of 6 months since I uploaded it. My skin skyrocketed to the 4th most popular Rainmeter skin ever!

Turns out the fellow deviant OtisBee featured my skin as a Daily Deviation. I hereby officially and sincerely thank you for this. I really appreciate it!

Apparently my theme was even used in "The Nerdiest Desktop Setup of All Time"… &… in a way so epic that my jaw just dropped. That's exactly what I first thought of while creating the original concept of this theme. It's like a sci-fi fan's wet dream.

Thank you all for the lots of positive feedback!

This kind of futuristic desktop-modding genre appears to be very popular and I really got me thinking about continuing my work on this Rainmeter theme. I'll keep you posted.
Sup guys,

As some of you may have noticed, the poll of the SOTM MAY 10 ended. I didn't expect it to end that early though, I thought these things are open until the last day of the month. Unfortunately I kinda lost pretty close by 8 votes against Rainmeter Dock Plus. Well, too bad. Congratz to Lukunder!

Anyway, thanks goes out to the other 150 people who voted for me, I appreciate the support!

Also, I have to announce that I'll delay the next version of BlueVision, 0.2 Beta, for an indefinite time. I'll have 6 weeks of vacation soon and I'd like to enjoy them with something different than sitting in front of notepad ++ for hours. I really don't have time for Rainmeter at the moment. I'll check my DA account every couple of days to answer questions.

Hey guys,

Today the voting for the new SOTM May 2010 has started!

If you like my skin or other work, you can express it in a few seconds. Vote for "BlueVision V0.2 Alpha" here… !!

I appreciate your support and thank you!
Sup guys, big news today!

Apparently the Deviantart design changed and I think I share most of your opinions if I say I don't really like it. Took me quite some time to figure all this stuff out, doesn't appeal to me at all. Is it a new trend of the biggest websites to change stuff that was actually pretty much perfect before? First they screwed up Youtube, even Google and now Deviantart? Oh well...

Enough about that, more important (at least for me) is that BlueVision V0.2 Alpha hit 10.000 views and >2.500 downloads!

>Views: 10,143 (143 today)
>Downloads 2,592 (39 today)

THANK YOU for all your support! :w00t:

As already mentioned in one of the latest Rainmeter journal entries, the new nominations for the SOTM May 10 started.

If you like my skin you can nominate it by sending them a note or post in the thread on the Rainmeter forums. You have my permission.

Also, what do YOU think about the new design? Do you like it / hate it / don't care?

Surprise surprise!

I actually got finished earlier than expected, so I already released BlueVision V0.2 Alpha TODAY!
Download here…
View the guide here…


Sup guys,

I'm planning the release of BlueVision V0.2 Alpha for this weekend.
I'm pretty much finished with everything except for some minor tweaks and I'll start writing some guides and instructions tomorrow.
It'll have most of the things mentioned in my previous journal entry, but not all of them. They'll be included in V0.2 Beta along with bugfixes which will probably be found quickly.

View the preview screenshots here… and here…

Sup guys,

I just came back from my vacation, and it was awesome.
So after unpacking my stuff, I logged into Deviantart, and besides the plenty messages and Deviations, I saw that BlueVision hit 10.000 views and got nominated for the SOTM poll.
That's pretty decent feedback. Thank you.
Also, while surfing the interwebz I came across some screenshots of people using my skin and desperately trying to make them fade in their wallpapers by messing with the transparency or other less-than-ideal solutions.
I still have all .psds, so my next version will have perfect cutouts and transparency and will fit any wallpaper. Maybe I'll even mess around with the new colour-matrix feature available in Rainmeter 1.2 , maybe for a green skin or something.

Other features in the next version // BlueVision V0.2 Alpha // release late april (from previous journal entry):

- RSS reader for BBC news / other
- Improved Winamp skin with a new design
- iTunes skin / with album cover display
- (Weather display)
- Hex-core support / CPU 1-12
- CPU / RAM / SWAP skins now in different layouts and buttons to hide / unhide certain graphs and bars (for people w/o Speedfan)
- Network graphs / network info / RAM and SWAP displays will be available in different sizes so people with smaller desktop resolutions can use the entire suite (1680x1050 for now) / BIG, SMALL, and SWITCHABLE
- Working version of a combined CPU total / RAM / SWAP graph (see "RAM SWAP CONCEPT PREVIEW" in V0.1) / 2 sizes
- Detailed System info with thumbnails of the particular component
- Perfect cutouts / transparency for non-plain black wallpapers / different colors (color matrix?)
- Improved HDD meter with strings for write/sec, read/sec, write-read/sec and total cumulative display for total data since last reset / button to open HDD
- New design for the world time zones with Geobytes location included
- Over-worked System overview
- Shutdown control for Shutdown / Restart / Hibernate / Change User and Logout
- Notes
- Recycle bin
- Maybe some other stuff, whatever comes to my mind
- I don't know about those animations, they take so much resources. While the rotating GDI logo takes hardly 3% CPU on my quadcore, it takes >50% on my dual core notebook and lags as hell.
I guess RM isn't really made for something like that. I'll include some ;-ed parts for testing purposes tho.

I still have 6 free days, junk-food and hours of entertainment to watch along the way while programming and shooping.

Stay tuned!

- gex
As I already mentioned in my previous journals, my train straight into my 2-week-vacation will leave tomorrow morning, so I won't be able to answer your e-mails or PMs. I'll have plenty of time work on the next Version as soon as I'm back, which will be very likely V0.2 Alpha before V0.2 Beta. I'm already prepared with all seasons of Heroes, House, lots of movies and tons of junk-food. I expect a release mid-month or late April.

Features will contain:

- RSS reader for BBC news
- Improved Winamp skin with a new design
- Weather display
- CPU / RAM / SWAP skins now in different layouts and buttons to hide / unhide certain graphs and bars (for people w/o Speedfan)
- Network graphs / network info / RAM and SWAP displays will be available in different sizes so people with smaller desktop resolutions can use the entire suite
- Working version of a combined CPU total / RAM / SWAP graph (see "RAM SWAP CONCEPT PREVIEW" in V0.1) / 2 sizes
- Detailed System info with e-candy thumbnails of the particular component
- Improved cutouts / transparency for people with non-plain black wallpapers
- Improved HDD meter with strings for write/sec, read/sec, write-read/sec and total cumulative display for total data since last reset
- New design for the world time zones
- Over-worked System overview
- Maybe some other stuff, whatever comes to my mind

Also, just after I finished my first working weather script, ACCUWeather suddenly stopped providing their service, resulting in the script being useless and me raging hard.
Like I already said 1000 times, the skin is made for =>PLAIN BLACK<= or =>VERY DARK<= backgrounds.
Even though I improved the cutouts and transparency of the skins, don't be surprised if it looks bad on a yellow background.
See you in 2 weeks.

Stay tuned!

- g3x
Thanks to everyone for the >1000 views and the lots of positive feedback!
I will definitely continue working on the skin.
I'll have plenty of time in the 2 weeks vocation starting at the beginning of the next month, and I estimate a next release, BlueVision V0.2, mid-month or late April. New features may eventually contain some of the ones mentioned in the - Plans for future Versions / already in construction - section of the 0.1 description.

First beta of BlueVision is finished and is now available for download! Enjoy!
Today's the day.
Still doing some minor fixes in some scripts, then I'll write a description - upload is imminent!
I'm planning a first beta release of "BlueVision", a futuristic looking advanced system monitoring Rainmeter skin based on z-design's tech brush set, on Friday 5th March.